Xenocider re-released for Dreamcast

Xenocider from Retro Sumus is getting a second release this April. The Spanish developer, who are also porting the on-rails blaster to PC and modern consoles, quickly sold out of the original release so this is great news. It means that even more Dreamcast fans will get the chance to own a physical copy. I reviewed the game last year and it is one of the few 3D indie titles for the Dreamcast. The European release is being handled by Wave Game Studios and the US release by Video Games New York.

Wave Game Studios told me that ‘When we first saw Xenocider being announced, we knew it was something special. Anybody who recognises the name Chui (the lead developer at Retro Sumus) will instantly know of the quality Dreamcast software he is known for. It’s our pleasure to finally bring this exciting game to retro game shops across the UK and Europe!’  


The game is exactly the same as the original release but will have some PAL touches to the artwork. Retro Sumus told me that ‘as developers, we were proud of the work we had done, but you can never be sure of what the reception to that work will be. So we were ridiculously happy, not only that our original run sold fast, but also that it’s getting renewed attention thanks to Wave Studios in Europe and VGNY in the US. Partnering with them has been a pleasure.’

It is great to see this amazing title get a new lease of life on both the Dreamcast and modern platforms. This is a great chance to play a classic arcade style game that you may have missed first time around. Thanks to Wave Game Studio and Retro Sumus for chatting to me.