Wave Game Studios annouces twelve Dreamcast titles

Wave Game Studios, known for their excellent Intrepid Izzy, have announced they are bringing twelve new Dreamcast titles over the next twelve months. We only know of the first game so far but with the record the publisher has this is a very exciting time to be a Dreamcast indie fan. I will keep you up to date with each release but the first, Yeah Yeah Beebiss II, is already up for pre-order.

In a press statement released the indie publisher stated:

Following on from the success of Intrepid Izzy in both independent retro game shops and online, WAVE Game Studios are proud to announce that 2022 is set to be The Year of the Dreamcast.
We have worked closely and tirelessly with a selection of the most talented developers to bring twelve affordably priced original games to the Sega Dreamcast platform throughout 2022.

12 Months
12 Games