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Do you like nostalgia hits to the head? Do you enjoy a real challenge? Do you still love Paperboy? If you answer yes to any of the above then just go play VideoKid now. No need to read this review just download VideoKid now. It is old school tough but fair with great visuals and excellent playability. The developers, PixelTrip Studios, have poured a lot of love into this one. It is short but has a huge amount of replay value for high score junkies.

When you first start playing VideoKid it seems to be a simple score-basher on rails. You ride a skateboard that stays at a constant pace and can move between three areas. You are bombarded from all sides by vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles that must be avoided to stay alive. Your one life keeps the pressure on and it is right back to the start if you fail. Your goal is to reach your girlfriend who is waiting for you at the end of the street.


You feel as though you will crack the simple game quickly but towards the end it starts becoming difficult. There is that classic one more time feel and you will want to see the end. It becomes addictive in the best way and all the nostalgia keeps bringing you back. If you are to reach the end you need to learn all the little nuances of each area. The street is laid out randomly on each of your runs but you will start to learn each part. 

Collecting coins and performing grinds increases your money that can be used in the shop. Here you can unlock some new tricks for your board and some new avatars to skate as. All the characters have a reference to an 80’s film. Everyone from Marty McFly to Karate Kid can be used with our favourite being Arnie. The different characters all play the same but it is a nice touch and adds to the nostalgia dollop.


The last element of the gameplay has been ripped straight from Paperboy. You throw VHS tapes into mailboxes as you skate along with each hit rewarding points. There are extra points to be had for chucking tapes through windows or knocking 80’s characters down. You do not have to hit the mailboxes but if you want to beat your high score this is the best way. Other points are scored by grinding on vehicles and combining tricks. 

The best part of VideoKid is all the 80’s craziness that is happening on screen. David Hasselhoff in his Baywatch gear strides toward you in slow motion. Attacking the Care Bears with tapes is hilarious. You can even grind on the Ecto 1. Towards the end of the street some truly huge 80’s icons appear for you to avoid but we will not spoil them here. The gorgeous pixel art is stunning and the colours vibrant. You will fall in love with the art style.


Being a budget title there is only one level and a perfect run lasts about five minutes. But this is all about improving on your score and finding news ways to get points. For the price it is a nostalgia feast for the eyes. If you are looking for a fun, simple game and enjoy retro pop culture VideoKid is worth your time. If you are looking for something more in depth you will not find it here.



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