Sonic Jam – Sega Saturn – video special

I explore the single hub level that is Sonic World within Sonic Jam. What did it mean for Sega? How did it make me feel as a huge Sonic fan?


  1. Aw I was so excited when I saw this as a child – I had a Megadrive but never a Saturn so sadly never got to try it. I remember seeing it in the shop and thinking this was the future of the Sonic series 🙂

    Also – is that Snow Surfers on the Dreamcast I spy on the shelf? Great game if so – Cool Boarders too! 😀

    1. Yes I felt similar. I did have a saturn and loved this game since it was released. Yes that is snow surfers, which is called cool boarders burn in Japan. I have nearly completed the worldwide wide cool boarders set, just a few from usa to go. Look out soon for my video on the history of cool boarders if you enjoy the series. Been putting it together behind the scenes

      1. Nice, I’ll keep an eye out 🙂 Great Sonic collection too by the way – always nice to see other fans of the hedgehog! I don’t suppose you own/have reviewed Sonic Shuffle at all? Despite the mediocre feedback it seems to receive from some, I always quite liked it and enjoy seeing others thoughts on it

      2. I have all three versions 🙂
        It will form part of a Sonic Showcase at some point, working my way through all the obscure games bit by bit.

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