A lost Sonic game has surfaced after 27 years

Craig Stitt, a former Sega Technical Institute team member, has found some stills from an old VHS tape showing a lost Sonic game. The game would have been Tails’ first solo outing and looked to be an isometric puzzle game. There are four screenshots in the album below.

Craig has already confirmed that his original thoughts that Bill Dunn was involved was not correct. He has reached out to other colleagues that he thinks might have knowledge of the game.

We await more details and will update this page as more information emerges. Hopefully it jogs the memory of other Sega employees who can add more to the story.

Craig’s post on a Sega Facebook group reads: 

I’m curious if anybody has heard of this one before. I’d love it if someone had something that would shake a few memories loose from my head. Back in February 1993, Bill Dunn, a game designer at STI, pitched an idea for a Tails solo spin-off game.
It was to be called “Treasure Tails”. It was going to be an isometric platform puzzle/adventure game. I mocked up these few static screens for Bill to use in his presentation.
Unfortunately, that is about all I remember. In fact, I had totally forgotten about it myself until recently rewatching a VHS resume I had put together in 1995, in preparation to leaving SEGA. I don’t remember how far the game got, or anything else about it. All I have are these blurry screen captures from a 25 year old VHS tape.
Anyone else heard any rumors or ??? about it?