Sega Shop currently has some awesome merch in stock

Being a huge Sega fan that bleeds blue I see it as my duty to highlight the best products to fill that need in your Sega heart. Just click the photo to go through to the shop if anything catches your eye.

My first pick is the new Sonic Car Game. Players select and play as their favourite character — Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Blaze, or Shadow.

It has been two years since TUBZ first hit the merch market. These adorable little ducks sport all sorts of Sega character looks. I have picked out my favourite from the range.

Sporting his iconic brown leather jacket bearing a tiger on the back and a small plaster below his left eye, Ryo is on a quest to avenge his father by finding the evil Lan Di! Coming boxed in an awesome displayable Shenmue tub display stand, this one of a kind collectible is great for fans of the series to stock up on.

For something a little more educational the Sega Shop also has several books currently available. I love the Dreamcast Collected works.

A definitive history of the cult games console, produced in collaboration with SEGA. This large format, deluxe hardback features a dazzling collection of never-before-published materials and specially commissioned editorial, offering unprecedented insight into the creation of Sega’s last console and its celebrated library of games.

Accompanying a cache of visual material gleaned from SEGA’s archives, is an in-depth, interview-led editorial piece by New Yorker contributing writer Simon Parkin. Featuring contributions from Yu Suzuki (Shenmue), Masayoshi Kikuchi (Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio), Naoto Ohshima (Sonic Adventure) and Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Space Channel 5, Rez), this revealing retrospective sheds new light on this pivotal era for SEGA and chronicles the rise and fall of this lauded videogame console.