RITE – Switch review

Precision platformers is a genre that maintains its popularity and now Pond Games are getting in on the act with RITE for Switch. It was originally released on PC in July 2020 where it received acclaim from players and critics alike. The aim of the game is beat a succession of trials that every Nim must face. There is no story in RITE with the solo developer choosing to focus on gameplay.

RITE isn’t trying to be anything more than it already is as you live and die by your ability, skill and perseverance. These games are all about the action, the succeeding and the relief you feel when you finally conquer a level that you have died on fifty times. This new Switch port is available from 23rd August or the PC version is currently available on Steam and Itch.io.

RITE, at its heart, is a simple game that yearns for days gone by but dollops on all those modern extras such as high resolution graphics and save features. Each level is a single screen and has an exit, a key for that exit and coins to collect. Simply grab the key and rush to the exit to complete a level. However, devilish spikes, brain-bending jumps and razor-sharp blades lay your way.

Add to this tight drops and tall walls and you have all the elements any self-respecting precision platform needs. There’s no need to over complicate the gameplay further and Pond Games has resisted temptation to include power-ups or additional moves. The only other gameplay feature is the option to collect all the coins to 100% the level. 

  • RITE screenshot 1
  • RITE screenshot 2
  • RITE screenshot 3

Your little guy can only jump and slide down walls and you will need to master this mechanic to get through the later stages. Tapping the jump button will perform a slightly shorter jump and the more you play around with RITE’s physics the more you will feel at ease to work out the best way forward. There are times when the physics felt off but this is a minor issue overall.

RITE will test your patience just as much as your platforming skills but everything about it feels good. The level difficulty ebbs and flows with easier sections mixed in with real frustrating ones. The levels are quick-fire and at times you get into a flow where you feel great and accomplished. The pacing is great and the level themes change just at the right time before repetition sets in. 

The graphics are understandably simple but have a certain charm and there is good use of colour. You can add an outline to the spikes and objects that help to spot the precision jumps needed to clear the levels and this was very helpful in the later game. Sadly, the music is repetitive and disappointing, you really want to hear some variety but sadly it never comes.

Overall, RITE is a solid budget title that will please fans of precision platformers. What starts out easy soon becomes very challenging and the later levels will require many attempts. The gameplay is simple and some may find it repetitive but this is the perfect game for a quick blast that you can keep coming back to time and again.

Available from 23rd August or the PC version is currently available on Steam and Itch.io. Thank you to Pond Games for the review copy.