Project Neon Kickstarter 5th November

A new Neo Geo game called Project Neon is in development and Retro Faith has the lowdown from Sascha Reuter from developer FullSet. The official unveiling for Project Neon’s Kickstater is 5th November 8pm (BST) and there are plans for both MVS and AES releases. We have just seen the trailer and this new title will definitely cause a stir in the retro community.

project neon
The Neo Geo has some amazing indie shmups, what inspired you to start work on your own title?

That is indeed a good question. It all started with me digging into some Gameboy development about six months back. I’ve been into games, computers and software development forever, but never got into game development.

My actual first game (also a shmup) was actually developed in PICO-8 first. which led me to porting it to the Gameboy shortly after. It somehow escalated from there when I realized I could actually write a game for what I spend most of my gaming time on, arcade cabinets and systems.

And why a shmup you might ask? Well, similar answer. I spent most of my gaming time with games from Toaplan, Cave, 8ing, Compile and alike. I guess I just love shmups

What are the key gameplay features that players should look forward to?

Apart from the usual things we’re planning for quite some unique things, especially around co-op play! Think Ghostbusters, or Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen… Ok, the latter doesn’t really make sense I guess.

Do you know how many levels, bosses and enemy types there will be?

We’re planning for five levels at the moment. Four freely selectable and with the end level (Mars) being the final, unlockable one. There will be boss fights at the end of every stage, and likely also some mini bosses along the levels.

You have worked on previous games, what experiences have you taken from them into this project?

Not many though, and not at this scale, but fortunately all shmups. I’m not that long into game development yet. One may flag that as a risk, others as an opportunity to get some refreshing ideas and takes on the table.

While I wrote most of the current game myself, I also got support by some very awesome and talented people in the background when I hit any limits. Most of the time that is not necessary though.

I’d also like to point out that I love to sweat the details, am always open for feedback and generally have a good track record in doing new things successfully.

Do you have dates for the Kickstarter and what you will be offering to potential backers?

Yes, we have a date! The Kickstarter and trailer reveal will be on NOV 5 at 12PM (PST). That’s 8pm in the UK.

project neon
You are working with Freezedream to create the music and sfx. Did their previous work on Tangleweed influence the decision? Or is there more to the story on how the collaboration came about?

It started by me reaching out to only a handful of artists on Twitter, with Freezedream and Savage Regime being on the top of my list. Back then I thought Savage Regime’s style might be a bit more fitting for a Shmup, given that the Tanglewood soundtrack was quite mellow.

But oh my god was I wrong! You’ll see (well, hear) soon… Tuesday. I’m actually worried the soundtrack will take all the attention. Well, not worried, but you know… it’s freaking catchy!

Have you made any decisions around distribution? 

Current plan is to handle the distribution ourselves. Hpman is our tools/support special striker for making sure we’re not messing up the PCBs for the carts. Well, apart from the code I guess, that would be on me.

Retro Faith would like to thank Sascha for taking the time to answer our questions.


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