Nerdcon is coming to Arcade Club Bury

Nerdcon is a brand new gaming event being held at Arcade Club Bury 17th August 2022. It has been organised by Paul Spicer and ex-journalist Brad Burton. According to Paul, also known as Middle Aged Gamer Guy, “the idea came about because we have all been stuck in lock down for 2 years and Brad has been a gamer for over 40 years. His best summer was 1982 which he spent his first time in the arcades and we wondered if we could recreate that feeling for new and old gamers alike and get people out and about again.”

“Brad teamed up with me and said lets do this event since many other gaming events got cancelled this year and here we are with our first ever Nerdcon.” Paul goes on to explain that “people can expect a day of gaming but also networking, meeting new people, seeing friends in real life that they have only ever seen on a screen or talked to on a headset for the past few years. Not only is it going to be a fun day for the family but a good way to make friends and be proud to be a nerd.”

This is the first Nerdcon and the guys are hoping to add something different to the gaming calendar. After the pandemic many events have slowly started to appear again and its great to see another. “After the last couple of years we need something to belong to as gamers” Paul esays. “To find our way back as people and not only relive some amazing memories but introduce retro to a whole new generation who will never before got to experience what Brad did back in 1982.  Its going to be an amazing event”

And for anyone planning on going, Paul has all the details you need. “Tickets can be bought from – We have standard tickets, limited VIP tickets and an online ticket for people who cant travel or want to watch from home. Buying a standard or VIP ticket gets you in to a draw to win a PlayStation 5 with a copy of Horizon Forbidden West.” Best of luck to all involved and thanks to Paul for taking the time to chat to me.