Leons Lament of Innocence – Castlevania poem

Reader submission by LePhoenixReborn

I am Leon Belmont
Formerly a baron
Formerly part of the Church
I have given up my title
For the church has false idols
My friend gave news of my betrothed
Taken by a vampire, Walter.
Church denied me so I gave up my title

As I walked to the Gates,
I am determined to save my betrothed,
I promise to save you.

(Act 1)

I make my way in.
I recall the old man’s words
“The way is sealed by five monsters”
I walk within
House of sacred remains
Filled with darkness
Filled with night
Undead never rest
Swing my whip
Scar the night
With my might
Chained to end
The horror I must defeat
To meet the Elite
Many rooms
Many traps
Must I endure this endless night?
Sara, you are my hope
In this dark of night

Alas, the undead Parasite
You will meet end
By my whip you will taste death
Eternal death.
Alas, alas you have met your end
First seal is broken