Humans coming to modern consoles

The Humans is a 1992 strategy game from Mirage Technologies and it is set for a modern release 3rd February 2022. QUByte Interactive have got the rights and are bringing all three original games to Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. According to the publisher The Humans ‘is a classic cooperative game where the player will control a tribe resolving puzzles and defeating enemies.’ The digital download will include the original PC title, the Mega Drive port and Game Boy version.

QUByte also explain that ‘the player controls a group of humans and may switch between any human at any time, in order to complete a level, it is often necessary to use certain tools or abilities, such as stacking to reach a high ledge. For example, the spear, a tool obtained in the first level of the game, may be thrown across gaps to other humans, used to jump, thrown to kill dinosaurs or other enemies.’ I certainly have fond memories of this one and I will be streaming the game live on release day.


So far we have a YouTube trailer (below) and the press release from QUByte. The Humans launches on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation on Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 for $7.99/€7.99 with a 25% launch discount on the eShop.

Game Features

  • Unique retro soundtrack;
  • Filters and save and load system;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • Retro graphics;
  • Variety of hard challenges;