Gleylancer 30th Anniversary Edition News 

Written by Nicholas “SmugeeBear” McDonald 
Gleylancer is a shoot em up action game which was originally developed and published by Masaya Games back in 1992. It had entertained a lot of fans of the genre but has since commanded high prices on the used market. Masaya Games has been been owned by Extreme co., Ltd. that has re-released several games in its back catalouge on various systems. In 2019 they granted Columbus Circle a license to release a new physical version of the game for the Sega Mega Drive which was received well.
But unfortunately with things being jacked up and many of the games ended up in the hands of resellers who are selling for an almost extortionate price. While not as bad as the prices for the original version it’s still pretty bad which just highlights how screwed up the retro scene has become.
Well, for the 30th Anniversary Columbus Circle are re-releasing another run of the game which comes in new packaging that signifies the games 30th Anniversary but also includes a bonus audio CD. Gleylancer’s story is set in the midst of a full-scale war between the Earth Federation and aliens, the main character, Lucia, sets out in her state-of-the-art fighter, the Gray Lancer, to save her father, who has been kidnapped by her enemies, through 11 action packed and challenging stages. 
While its an officially licensed title from the rights holders of the game, this version isn’t officially licensed by Sega just like the previous re-release. But it could offer an avenue for people to play the game on an actual Mega Drive who have been put off with the present prices for the game. The game is slated to release in Japan during September 2022.