D*Fuzed Preview – Brand new GBC title

After being impressed with Super JetPak DX on the Game Boy Color, I am thrilled to have the chance to try a demo of AsobiTech’s new title D*Fuzed. The developer describes it as a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move might be your last. I am not arguing as playing the first few levels certainly made me think. The game is currently up for pre-order with a February 2022 release scheduled. From what I have played so far it is shaping up to be a lovely little puzzle game that works perfectly on Nintendo’s evergreen handheld.

I put together a short video of the first two levels and look forward to the full release next year. The premise of the game is simple. Move your little bomb disposal robot, called Deef, around the map. To diffuse a bomb you simply slide over the tile. However, with each new square you move into the timer of all the other bombs starts to count down. It is a clever feature and there are times when you must plan your next few moves ahead unless you want to be exploded. 


To complete each level you need to fill the meter situated on the right side of the screen. The quicker you diffuse each bomb the quicker the meter fills. If the timer for a bomb reaches zero it will explode and take out any other bombs connected to it by an adjacent square. The controls work well due to the simple gameplay mechanics and the graphics are bold and clear. The explosions are great as well as the animation of Deef. I also enjoyed the chiptune music that fits in well with the overall style of the game.

All in all, D*Fuzed is shaping up to be another indie classic from the retro developer. You can pre-order D*Fuzed right now from publisher Incube8 Games with a standard and collectors edition available. I also spoke to the developer about their special Golden Joystick award from GamesMaster in this interview that is worth checking out.