Community Interview – Douglas Titchmarsh

A new regular feature from Retro Faith. Interviews with community members. First up is Douglas Titchmarsh.

Fave system and why?

Such a tough question, I like so many of the old systems for different reasons. I love the Atari VCS Woody, it was the first true console I saw. I love the Master System as an 8 bit console. The Dreamcast is so underrated but such a great console for it’s time. Pressed to choose one system though, it has to be the MegaDrive. The 16 bit Sega is the one I play most of all the consoles I have.

Fave game and why?

This is even tougher than the first question. Being as old as I am I have played so many great games on so many great systems. Manic Miner, or Jetpac on the ZX Spectrum are excellent playable games and hold a place in my heart alongside a myriad of other games. I am tempted to put Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (MegaDrive version) as my favourite, but then I think of Space Invaders, or Phoenix, it would change if you asked me tomorrow but today I am going to say Galaxians on an arcade machine.

Jewel in collection?

As you can tell from the above answers I have trouble picking one favourite from anything. I guess my jewel would be a collection of ZX Spectrum ROM cartridges.

Greatest gaming memory?

I have been gaming since I was very young and the videogames were just emerging, this leaves a shed load of great memories to go through. Seeing Breakout for the first time, hearing the Space Invaders marching when it first came out, being blown away by Space Invaders on my cousin’s TV on his new Atari, so many moments. I am going to go with playing Pong on our own TV all those years ago, it was our introduction to home video games and was magical at the time.

Gaming or collecting goal?

I currently have a room full of old consoles, computers and the software to go with them, and have nearly everything I could want, the only one I am missing and would actually want is a Colecovision console. It is one we had when we were younger and moved on from, but one of the great 8 bit machines and had some fantastic arcade ports.

What does nostalgia mean to you?

Nostalgia is reliving the golden age of gaming. Pick up and play games which hooked you with clever level design and “one more go” playability which more than made up for the basic graphics of those old machines.
Thanks Doug for taking the time to chat.

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