Affinity Sorrow – brand new Mega Drive title announced

Affinity Sorrow is a new Mega Drive title from retro developer Second Dimension. The new RPG game’s Kickstarter is due to start 25th January. I spent some time chatting to Javier Leal who is busy getting the game ready. Affinity Sorrow is a traditional JRPG set in the world of Tyrne where you are the hero making your way through an epic journey. Early impressions of the upcoming game are positive. So far we have seen several screenshots, a few short videos and a six minute preview video. The preview video shows the hero wondering some caves but a few of the shorter videos have shown battle gameplay. So what more can we learn from Javier?

Javier is from Uruguay and has been working at the developer since early 2018. ‘Affinity Sorrow is my 3rd Sega Mega Drive game with Second Dimension and it’s actually a really old project from before I joined that we decided to resurrect because we really want to make an RPG.’ Javier continues with ‘Adam from Second Dimension had been working on Mega Drive games for a long time and he liked my art so we started talking. We clicked and started working together. Nowadays we have our process pretty figured out so it just feels right to keep making games for our beloved Mega Drive.’


When asked about Affinity Sorrow’s influences, Javier has no trouble explaining that ‘there’s a lot of old school RPGs in the mix, Final Fantasy IV, V and VI mostly and I think it shows, but also the “Mana” and “Tales of” series, Terranigma, and I of course Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire. We love paying homage to our nostalgia in our games.​’

Javier says that the Mega Drive ‘is a pretty easy console to make games for, not that it is as easy as for modern platforms, but for us it is way better than making games for other old consoles like NES or SNES. Plus, we already have in-house developed tools and experience to make the games we want the way we want them to be. And of course we are SEGA fans and Mega Drive fans so that helps a lot.​’ 


Affinity Sorrow is set to go into Kickstarter mode soon and Javier is excited to see it become a physical release. ‘There will be several physical editions available on our Kickstarter campaign going from the loose cartridge to a Collector’s edition packed full of goodies.’ There are also a few stretch goals in the works. ‘There are a few (stretch goals), some of them we want to be a surprise but I can tell you that we plan on adding new playable characters and a crafting system to the game if those stretch goals are met.’

I finished by asking Javier what it felt like knowing he was part of creating a new game for the Mega Drive. ‘We have done this before but every time it feels like some kind of alternate reality where dreams comes true or something like that. It really is mind blowing when I see the finished game on a cartridge, with the final cover art in the box or clamshell and the manual and stickers and all the extras we use to add to our games. I just love knowing that our games will be on shelves making part of collections instead of getting lost in a sea of digital releases, that makes me happy.’

Make sure you check out the Kickstarter and register your interest. Thank you to Javier for taking the time to speak with me.